EXCLUSIVE: Beyoncé Asked To Perform At Grammy Awards / by

I just got word from an inside source that the Grammy Association reached out to Beyoncé's team today after learning about the death of legendary blues singer Etta James. They want the new mom to be apart of their tribute to deceased entertainers and are hoping that she'll be willing to tribute Etta.

Seeing as she portrayed the blues singer in the movie Cadillac Records, they feel that it would be a perfect fitting. Not only that, but the Grammy committee want to make this their biggest show ever, and what a better way to do so by having Beyoncé give her FIRST post baby performance. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but when it does, remember where you read it first!!

After Beyoncé learned about her passing, she issued the following statement.

”This is a huge loss. Etta James was one of the greatest vocalists of our time. I am so fortunate to have met such a queen. Her musical contributions will last a lifetime. Playing Etta James taught me so much about myself, and singing her music inspired me to be a stronger artist. When she effortlessly opened her mouth, you could hear her pain and triumph. Her deeply emotional way of delivering a song told her story with no filter. She was fearless, and had guts. She will be missed.”
Other celebritites took to twitter to share their condolences.

Mariah Carey: Rest in peace to one of the world’s most influential singers Etta James, you will be missed.

Christina Aguilera: Etta James was a force to be reckoned with. A true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage. Her raw tone and the passion she put forth on a record spoke to me at a very young age and has continued to influence and inspire me throughout my career. She will NEVER be forgotten, her voice will forever live on and she will inspire talent for generations to come.

Keri Hilson: Rest In Peace, Etta James.

Kelly Rowland: CLASSIC. ONE OF A KIND. PURE SOUL. ETTA JAMES! Thank You for gracing us with your incredible talent & presence!

Rihanna: #DearEtta may you rest in peace.

JoJo: Wow wow wow. We lost a legend today. #RIPETTAJAMES … she is one of the reasons I sing today. Major major inspiration. Peace be with you.

will.i.am: Showing respect appreciation and love for all the wonderful music and joy #ettajames brought to the world…#ettajamesforever

Flo Rida: I’m deeply saddened by the passing of the Great Etta James and I will be forever grateful for the gift she Blessed me with.

Lady Gaga: Tonight I will have one whole quart of brandy for Etta.

Jessie J: Just been told the legend that is Etta James has passed. Thank you for your voice your dedication to us and your gift. Your voice is timeless and will forever live on. I will always look to you for inspiration. R.I.P <3


Anthony Hamilton: Etta James helped pioneer the heartbeat of a new generation w/ a musical style that allowed people 2 feel outside the box. She’ll be missed.

Jay Electronica: …got the rap game singing “at last” like #EttaJames.

Rico Love: Rest in peace Etta James….. #TTLO

Nick Cannon: RIP Etta James

Pink: RIP to the late and great Etta James. Your voice and your fight inspired me and many. I love that through recordings, people can live forever.

Diddy: RIP Etta James

Lil’ Kim: #RIPEttaJames

Marsha Ambrosius: R.I.P Etta James

?uestlove: rip tp Etta James. i will hold the torch high for The Roots name in your honor.

Dawn Richard: I sing the songs that people need to hear. Etta James RIP ETTA JAMES…. you will be missed.. your music touched millions…

Azealia Banks: R.I.P Etta James. :( ….. I got into LaGuardia singing “At Last”.
Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but when it does...remember where you read it first!

Very touching. Music has lost a very adored musician. May she rest in peace.