Fresh Music: Karmin - "Broken Hearted" / by

You all may remember these faces from here. Almost a year ago, the duo shot to fame after their many covers of artists like Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. They've been featured on many television talk shows and other venues and to top it all off...the soon to be married couple were recently signed to Epic Records. The album is due out in April.

They just released their second single from their debut album and it's called "Broken Hearted".It has the name of a sad love song, but it's quite the opposite. Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan out did themselves with this one. It's a MUST listen. They both will be featured on SNL Feb. 11th to perform this song. Give it a listen after the break.

I just love love love love love love love this song!!!!!!!! OMG! Their are a hot duo!  Amy's vocals are PHENOMENAL and Nick's production skills are getting smoother and smoother. This is definitely a hit. I'm gonna be looking out for this one one the Hot 100. If it doesn't make it, I'll be giving Billboard a personal phone call! It reminds me of something Katy Perry would do, the vocalist on this track has better vocals and a freestyle flow!