Fresh Music: Ne-Yo - "Tell Me That You Love It" / by

Did you know that Ne-Yo released a promotional single a few days ago? Because I didn't. He released it in support of his upcoming album called "The Cracks in Mr. Perfect". It couldn't have been better timing. With his new movie "Red Tails" soaring in theaters, a new gig on season two of the hit television show "The Voice", now it's time to suck up all the promo he can get.

The song he debuted is called "Tell Me That You Love It". Listen to him as he reaches into the closet to bring back his R&B sound. He also gave a brief rundown about the album and it's direction, as well as reasoning behind the title. Check it all out after the break.

“This album for me is my way of showing people, Yes, I am a celebrity. But at the end of the day, I’m a human being, I’m a man first. I’m not perfect.

There are things about me you might not like. Any artist who you speak to that will speak truthfully about the music business and will tell you that in a lot of ways you feel like a mannequin.

You can’t really have too much of an opinion, you can’t really do what you wanna do or say what you wanna say because you don’t wanna piss your fans off,” said Ne-Yo. “You have to be perfect.

This is the classic Ne-Yo. After the failure of his last album, I just hope it's not too late to try to resurrect what's left. He hasn't wrote a hit in a hot minute nor has he had one on the radio of his own. I guess there comes a time when everyone's goes down the drain for a little bit. What do you think about the song?