Fresh Music: Tank - "Next Breath" / by

R&B crooner Tank is making his return to music with a new album that straight R&B. The past few years, pop has been dominating the air waves but a few artist are "staying true" to their roots in an effort to get R&B recognized again. Tank is one of them. The song is called "Next Breath". You hear a vulnerable man pouring his heart out to the love of his life in this piano driven balled. The track comes from his new album called "Savoir" due out later this year. It was written by Kevin McCall & produced by The Composer. Check it out below.

The song is pretty good. I'm not surprised simply because Tank always delivers. He's just over shadowed by the likes of Chris Brown, Usher, Trey Songz and others...mostly due to his none mainstream appeal. But this music is not going to waste in my lifetime.