Kelly Rowland BEAMS Over Blue Ivy / by

Look at that smile! Kelly Rowland was GUSHING over her niece Blue Ivy. During an interview with Access Hollywood, the diva dished on her two-week old niece.

She also gushed about how wonderful of a mom Beyoncé is and happy she is for her and daddy Jay-Z. Check out the video after the jump.
"She is just more precious than a diamond. She ’s just so stunning. I'm so happy for my sister and her husband. She ’s beautiful." 
"She’s an incredible mother. I' m so incredibly proud of her, so proud of her. She ’s in mommyville and I'm so happy for her and her husband's in daddyville, and the baby is very beautiful."

Her smile was ENORMOUS! It stretched from Atlanta to Africa! You can see that she's really happy to talk about Blue Ivy and the new parents. Though, a small part of me feels that she was saying to herself "Why are you constantly asking questions about THEM?" Some of those smiles looked a little bit like she was biting her tongue. Just a few moments not all of them. Most of the moments looked genuine like she was just really excited and happy, then some were like "SERIOSLY, LET ME SMILE THIS OFF"...But I love Kelly reguardless, I just hope that she knows until the world see's that baby, the will be questioned on EVERY interview.