Trial Date Set For Jennifer Hudson Family Murders / by

Tragedy struck Jennifer Hudson in October of 2008 after learning that her mother, bother and nephew we're killed. They all were all shot to death inside their Englewood home in Chicago. The young nephew was later found dead inside of the family's car. The man accused of the malicious murders is her sister's husband William Balfour who reportedly committed the crimes out of jealousy.

He will stand trial in April on three counts of first-degree murder. The jury selection will begin April 9th and the opening testimony on April 23rd. There's no word on if Jennifer Hudson will take the stand to testify.

Balfour will stand trial in April to face the evidence against him in the case. While his lawyer has commented “We're not prepared for trial at this time" judge William Charles Burns has stated that jury selection will start on April 9 and testimony on April 23, Billboard have reported.

At the time of the murders the defense stated that there was no forensic evidence against Balfour, however prosecution have now stated there is, and that statements made by Balfour have now been disproved by Police.

As crazy as all this is, one of Jennifer Hudson's relatives (the father of the slain son) blames her for the murders and said that she sacraficed her family for her budding music and acting career to the Illuminati. As if she needed that non-sense in her life...

I do know that this will be a very trying time for the singer and I hope that she stays strong to get through this. I'm sure justice will be served! It's been a whopping four years, lets put this killer away!