Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Others Get Spoofed On SNL / by

Saturday Night Live hasn't been doing too well ratings wise this season. So the producers decided to enlist veteran Maya Rudolph who played Beyoncé and Jay Pharaoh played Jay-Z in a skit which aired this past Saturday night.

In the short skit, the couple introduced their baby Blue Ivy to their celebrity friends like Prince, Nicki Minaj, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt , Taylor Swift and more. Check out the clip after the break.

I thought this was pretty funny. I watched it on the bus as I came home from work and I was cracking up at a few of the parts. I thought it was pretty good, others didn't think so. But that dosen't matter. The question is, what did YOU think about the skit? Was it funny or simply a waste of air time? Comment below.