Drake Sued By Ex-Girlfriend Over "Marvin's Room" / by

It looks like drizzy Drake is about to be in trouble with the law. The rapper is being sued by his ex-girlfriend over rights and royalties for the song "Marvin's Room", which was included on his platinum selling album "Take Care".

Her name is Ericka Lee and she claims to be the voice on the phone call during the song. She's seeking song writing credits and undisclosed damages. Check out the report after the break.
According to papers filed by Lee in Los Angeles, she and Drake had a romantic and business relationship between early 2010 and mid-2011. Lee claims the two traded poems and lyrics over the course of their relationship and discussed collaborative projects.

Drake allegedly agree to work with her on "Marvin's Room" and split the earnings. She was originally intended to record a hook for the track and perform a monologue that would frame the lyrics. The rapper supposedly acknowledged her contributions to the piece in several texts, including one that apparently reads "U basically made that song."

Lee and Drake's relationship ended completely after the song was released. The rapper reportedly offered her 2 percent of the publishing royalties for the song, and later raising the offer to 4-5 percent along with a $50,000 settlement. Lee is now seeking a co-writing credit for the song as well as undisclosed damages. 

Well, here's my question. Why didn't she take up any of the fist two offers? I mean, at least something was offered to her. I guess she thought that she would get more money buy suing. But that is not always the case. She could end up losing and leaving with NOTHING. We'll see how this story ends. She's just a bitter something.

Thanks Liz!