Fresh Music: Melanie Amaro - "Respect" / by

19 year-old U.S. X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro is hard at work preparing her debut album. The budding starlet has finished recording her Pepsi Smash commercial with Elton John which will air during the Super Bowl which is watched by MILLIONS and MILLIONS or people all over the world, so this means maximum exposure for her.

During the commercial, this song will be played as well. It's a club, dance anthem of Aretha Franklin's 1965 classic "Respect". Check out the short, yet very powerful rendition of the song below.

Wow! I had to listen to it three times because I was jamming! Can you say club smash? The gays are going to eat this up in the clubs and drag shows! Her voice is just so strong and powerful! No it's not the work of the studio. If you watched the show, then you would know that she actually knows how to sing. You go girl! Aretha should have did this for a comeback or something. Maybe she did already, hell I wouldn't know, I wasn't born back then. What do you think about the song?