Monica & Brandy Perform "It All Belongs To Me" On Leno / by

R&B divas Brandy & Monica are making their promotional rounds for their newest duet "It All Belongs To Me". The track was penned and produced by Rico Love and it is their first song together in over 14 years. The song will be featured on both of their upcoming albums.

A video has also been shot, it was directed by Chris Robinson. Last night, the two ladies took to the stage on Leno and gave a smashing performance of the song. Watch as Monica rocked her Whitey Houston shirt and they sang the night away.

That was a great performance. I'm still not 100% liking the song just yet, but Monica & Brandy slayed this vocally. I love their music, love their previous albums and i loved their 1996 duet. But this one, it's just not catching on with my ears. Everyone loves it, and I'm trying to get to love it. Maybe it will grow on me. It's just the lyrical content, I can't get over it. I just listen to the song "blabh blah log off you Facebook.." I'm like what? Seriously? I just can't take the song seriously. "That macbook"..Really?! I can't.....