Willow Shaves Her Head & Jaden Cuts His Hair / by

Well, she no longer has anymore hair to whip. Willow posted new pictures of her new do and she chopped off the little hair that she had. Remember, her mom, Jada Pinkett-Smith did it as well, so this is nothing new for the family.

Hell even her big brother Jaden chopped off his hair too and he has a new sexy cut. The whole Smith clan is just reinventing themselves. Check out the pictures after the break.

Wooooh. Jaden, if I was 15 years younger! No let me stop. But they all look good. Do you think they all went to the same barber? And look, even Jada is bald on the sides. It's a Smith thing. We'll never know anything about that. Papa Will is getting older by the day. That age and grey is catching up to him. Anyway, are you digging their cuts? Because I am!