The X-Factor USA Gets A Makeover / by

For those of you who don't know, the U.S. version of the X-Factor is undergoing construction. Monday night, it was announced that three familiar faces would not be returning for a second season. Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones were all axed from the show.

L.A. Ried may also be tossed into the mix as he's yet to hear ANYTHING about a new contract or not. Check out the full article after the break.

According to a show insider, a series of X Factor season 2 offsite meetings are taking place wherein show creator Simon Cowell has assembled his team and creative brain-trust for a post-mortem. The purpose: detailing what went wrong and what was done right on season 1 of the Fox singing competition. 

Among the brash verdicts, says THR's source: that Abdul's role was seen as "irrelevant to the mix," in part through no fault of her own (as mentor to the groups, her contestants were picked off early in the competition). Still, Abdul was not without her controversies on the show. 

Many blamed her for the dismissal of season 1 favorite Rachel Crow, precipitated by advice Abdul gave to Scherzinger to let the decision be made by the public vote. America then sent the 13-year-old packing. As for Jones and Scherzinger, another show insider says the X Factor host was notified by a show producer around 7:30pm Eastern on Monday evening that his option was not being picked up. (Cowell did not call Jones personally to deliver the news.) 

Soon after, Scherzinger was informed that her contract also would not be renewed. On the show, both had weathered their share of viewer criticism; Scherzinger even received death threats after she and Abdul voted to send finalist Drew Ryniewicz home. 

Jones' handling of contestant eliminations, which some deemed insensitive, also came under fire as unscripted reactions became increasingly emotional. The host and judge did not receive an explanation for the decision, but a source close to the show says Cowell has decided that the show needs a bigger celebrity on the panel next season.

A source close to LA Reid says the fourth member of the X Factor panel has not been informed of any change to his status as judge.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Rumor has it that Mariah Carey and Kelly Rowland could be in talks to do the show.Only time will tell. Poor Paula, she was let go from American Idol and X-Factor. What's next, The Voice?