Usher Premieres "Climax" Video / by

Now, I swear when I first heard "Climax" I thought that it was just a leaked song. I didn't know it was going to be a single. He released the single art work for it and everything and has been going full force since. The radio stations are playing it and the producer Diplo has been tweeting it hard.

Well, now the video has premiered and inside you can see a desperate an anxious looking Usher wanting back what he used to have in a relationship. Check it out after the break.

Love the video! Usher looks great. It's a simple story. It also clarifies what the video is about because people assume it was all about sex. In a case, it was, but it was more than just sex. It was about a relationship as a whole. It easily depicted in the video. His vocals are better than ever. In a recent interview, he said that he was going to keep the soul in the new album which drops this Spring, and it looks as if he's stay true to those words. I can dig it. What did you think about the video?