Chris Rene Performs "Young Homie" On Ellen / by

Chris Rene made his television debut on Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. He took to the stage to perform the song that won him millions of fans after he auditioned with it on X-Factor last year. It's called "Young Homie". The song will be included on his Epic Records debut album.

He was introduced by non other than L.A. Reid before his performance and it looks as if this whole stardom this is good for Chris. He looks good, better than ever! Check out the performance after the break.

He was pretty excited about his performance. This was his first national television debut, with more to come. It was definitely a good performance. He sounds great. He looks great.His teeth are fixed and looking good. I can't wait to hear more original music from him. I like it when he does covers also because he puts his spin and swag all over it. But I think he will shine to the fullest with original songs like "Young Homie". This the song is available on iTunes for your downloading pleasure. What did you think about the performance?