Ciara Experiments With New Look / by

I posted this photo on the Facebook page so some of you seen it, others did not. Home girl Ciara dropped a new look on us yesterday when these photos showed up on her instagram account. I guess with a new album, you must have a new look. The once dark haired singer was rocking a comb-over.

She also tested out some new make-up...either that, or this was the work of  a new stylist because she looks like a totally different person. Though the look has been met with mixed reviews, some people hate it, others love it. Check out another pic below.

I don't dislike it, it's just something I would have to get used to on her. She could pull it off if she comes out looking like this more and more. But to some people, this was just some of the wall random type mess. But she'll get it together. What do you think of the look?