Elle Varner Drops "Refill" Video / by

I'm sure you're thinking, "who the fuck is this?" It's a very unfamiliar face, but her voice is quickly becoming one of the hottest in R&B. Her name is Elle Varner and her song is called "Refill". My best friend Brittany put me up on this. We we're in the car one day and she was like "Oh Dimp, this is my song! It's too hot."

A lot of R&B lovers like the song and it is currently sitting at #50 on Billboard's R&B Chart. The song serves as the first single that will be featured on her debut album "Perfectly Imperfect" which drops later this year. Check out the love filled video after the break.

She's HOT! She looks good and she sounds good. Ever since I first heard it, I became hooked. I always wondered how she looked and I never searched for her on the internet. Now the video just gives me all that I wanted. I never pictured her to look like this. She has a nice set of lips on her. And so does her love interest for that matter. I';; definitely keep your guys posted on her in the weeks and months to come. She'll be the new face of R&B pretty soon.