Jennifair: Behind The Scenes of "Respect" + "Another Round" Cover / by

Hot shot Chicago emcee Jennifair & hot producer Drum Mage are on their grind with the Mogul Media team. They're fresh from New York after shooting videos for her upcoming projects. A few weeks back, I gave you a behind the scenes look at "Nobody's Gotta Know", this time it's for her ill sounding "Respect".

Also as a bonus, the rapper / singer took to her Youtube account and gave us a cover of one of the most popular songs on urban radio right now. She took on the Fat Joe song "Another Round" which features none other than Chris Brown. Check it all out below.

Saaaaaaaaaay Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! This girl is a BEAST! Her rap game is just sickening. It's like once she starts, she can't stop. The lyrics just keep flowing and flowing. That's what happens when there's so much to say. Drum Mage does a damn good job with the productions. The two of them are like Timbaland & Missy...they're gonna make the magic happens no matter what. And about the Fat Joe & Chris Brown need to cut her version and sell it to iTunes or something! It's dope. I always like to hear females cover male songs. Like I in love with Nivea and Rasheeda's version of Timbaland & Drake's "Say Something". Also, RichGirl's version of Lloyd's "Lay It Down". I digress, stayed tuned as more from JenniFair & Drum Mage unfold. The Mogul Media team is setting these two up for stardom.