Keri Hilson Dishes On New Album / by

The winner for my "Hater of the Year" award Keri Hilson has been on the quiet front for quite some time now. She's been keeping out of the spotlight, and while speaking to The Boombox, she revealed why. The R&B singer has been working on her third studio album.

She revealed that she is experimenting with new sounds and just giving insight on what direction that she's going in this time around. She's also been using the down time to better her relationships with her loved ones being that she's been hurt and burned over the past couple of years. Check it all out below.

"I'm working on a new sound," Hilson told The BoomBox. "I just love to challenge myself. My first two albums to me were incredible. They were a moment in time. 'In A Perfect World' was very emotional and tapped into how I was feeling at the time. And my last album, 'No Boys Allowed,' that's how I was feeling at the time as well [laughs]. I was being very territorial, very instructional on how to become a man and what we deserved and demanded as women. The new music has kind of both sides: very emotional, but I've also gone through some hurt in the past couple of years. I'll be explaining some things."

Between recording the project, Hilson has also been taking some downtime to better her relationships with the people close to her.

"I've just been in the studio," she adds. "I've also taken a step back from taking so many shows and accepting every single offer. I wanted to live and experience new things. That's what I really like to do between every single album. Just take a few months off and live life. I thought it was important to allow my home family and personal relationships to flourish again. Because you can lose a lot of miss a lot of things."
Well, this is good to hear. I'm actually a huge fan of her music. I loved the first album, and I some what liked the second album. There are a few tunes that I can get with and a few that I can do without. I'm curious to hear what this new sound is all about. She's always sounded fine to me. But I guess it doesn't hurt to try something different.