Monica Bitched Slapped Brandy In 1998 / by

Remember back in 1998 during the time when Monica & Brandy did their duet? You know, the hit single "The Boy Is Mine"? The song that topped the Billboard charts for 13 weeks? Their biggest single ever? Yeah, that one. Well, during that time, there were rumors and murmurs about the two, then teenagers, brawling behind the cameras.

It was just that, rumors and both parties denied the rumors for the sake of their successful single...until today. Monica & Brandy sat down with Hot 97 and talked with Angie Martinez where it was confirmed that physical blows were exchanged as well as apologies. Check out a part of the radio interview below.

Angie: Monica & Brandy are here. Awwww Monica and & Brandy....The ADULT version. The grown up versions.

Monica: You know what I'm saying? We couldn't come in here in '98 and do this. So it's good that we can do it now.

Guy: Oh hell naw, Yall would have probably killed each other back then.


Monica: And then she [Brandy] would have blamed everything on me. She would've been like "She attacked me!" That's how she [Brandy] does me.


Angie: Lets keep it 100, she [Monica] probably did right [put her hands on Brandy]?

Monica: I said I was sorry!


Monica: No! No! Stop, I take this very seriously. Did I not apologize to you [Brandy] though? As a woman, did I not apologize?

Brandy: Yes, you did.

Monica: I meant that from my heart. Like, that's not funny. I said I was sorry.

Angie: She [Monica] was just a little more gangster then.

Brandy: You're [Monica] just gangster with control now.

Angie: So what happened? Did you [Monica] attack her? Did you hit her? Did you put your hands on her?


Guy: Tell the truth! Tell the truth!!

Angie: Oh my god, did she?

Brandy: Oh my god, this is not happening!!

Angie: What happened??

Monica: I plead the fifth. I said I was sorry.

Angie: Did that really happen??

Monica: I said I was sorry?

Angie: Monica did you really put your hands on Brandy?


Monica: I said I was sorry.

Angie: Oh my god!! Really??

.....then the convo switches to the promotion about their single. Then it picks back up about the topic that I will no longer provide a transcript for because......I'm just not! So listen up. They go on to talk about how they've moved past it. Monica was a wild and unpolished teenager who didn't know any better. Poor Brandy just seemed a little embarrassed because she was hella quiet. You could hear her ask "SERIOUSLY??" and "REALLY??" all though the interview. But that didn't stop Angie and her crew from laughing and reeling in the questions. So there you have it. The two of them threw DOWN back in the day! But out of all of this, we still don't know WHY! That's the question that should have been asked! You're FIRED Angie! Needless to say, it's good to see that they are the good friends that they are today. Nice job ladies. But I always had a hunch that the did duke it out....and my hunch was right AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!