Monica & Brandy Premiere "It All Belongs To Me" Video / by

Ten years later, Brandy & Monica are showing the world that they can still look good and sing. Last month, the two chanteuses premiered their new collaboration called "It All Belongs To Me". The track was written and produced by Rico Love and it will be featured on both of the ladies albums.

Monica's "New Life" hits stores April 10th and Brandy's "Two Eleven" in June. The video for the song premiered just hours ago. Watch the visually stunning video where both women are fed up with their men and start destroying everything that belonged to him. Watch it below.

The video is great. They both look absolutely stunning! I've never seen them look better in all of my days. They showed his ass! I bet he will learn not to mess around next time. As much as I liked the visual, I still cannot get with the song. The lyrics are just so high school to me. I just think that women of their status shouldn't be walking around saying "Log off your Facebook..that Macbook belongs to me." Maybe they're trying to appeal to a younger audience, but us old folks can't get with it. I'm just saying...What do you think of the video? share your thoughts below.