Oprah's Interview With Bobbi-Kristina: Is It Too Soon? / by

Over the past week, the internet & television network have been a buzz with with the news of Oprah interviewing the Houston family just one month after Whitney Houston's death. The interview will be featured on "OWN" and the show being called "Oprah's Next Chapter".

The sit down interview will feature Whitney's brother, Gary Houston and his wife Patricia Houston, as well as Bobbi Kristina. It will be the family's first interview since the passing of Houston who died almost a month ago. There's a huge debate going on about whether it's too soon for an interview with the family, being that it's only been a month since they lost their loved one. Also, if Oprah really has the family's best interest in mind or she doing this just for ratings to save her failing "Oprah Winfrey Network" (OWN)? Read on and share your thoughts.

Whiteny's only daughter Bobbi Kristina was devestated about the loss of her mom. People feel that she isn't ready to talk about Whitney because she hasn't had time to grieve over the loss. But coming from Bobbi Kristina herself, she went on to say...
" Oprah was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom."
 She trusts Oprah which is why she agreed to do the interview. She feels that Oprah is looking out for her and she was one of the first people to reach out to Bobbi Kristina when the world learned of Whitney's death. No one knows as of yet if she is getting paid to do the interview as of yet. But reguardless of what Bobbi Kristina thinks, fans had voiced their opinion about the situation. Read what someone had to say.
“I do not believe that O is looking out for (Brown's) best interests at this time," a reader going by Kozy wrote on TMZ. "If you truly do trust her, I honestly believe she would respect you and not ask for an interview that she could profit on. If she truly cared, she would not be trying to score such a huge interview to save her failing network.” SOURCE
 But not everyone is thinking that way. Others feel that it will indeed help the family grieve about their loss. Another reader writes...
“We all grieve differently, “It is easy to say, ‘Why is the interview taking place so soon after Houston's death?’ and ‘Why is it being done at all?’ Well, so soon perhaps to end the endless reporters reaching out to the family to get them to talk and to control, somehow, the information on how a loved one is being portrayed.” SOURCE
Interesting, the show airs this Sunday of course on  "OWN". A preview to the interview was released yesterday, check it out below.

Now, here's my thoughts. I think that Bobbi Kristina is capable of making her own decisions. She just turned 19 and if she wants to open up and talk about her mother, then by all means. She said she trusts Oprah...and so did Whitney during her sit down, tell all interview. They talked about EVERYTHING and Whitney had no shame, neither did Oprah. I'm sure Oprah is DEFINITELY doing this for the ratings because word on the street is that her network is flopping harder than a fish out of water. She has to do something to save it. She hasn't had any great luck with securing big named acts or stars to do anything on her new network, but this could just give it a boost. With the start of "Oprah's Next Chapter", I'm sure we will see more interviews, more faces and other similar things that she once did on her talk show. She'll be bringing it back. Trust. But what do you think about the topic? Is it too soon for an interview or can Bobbi Kristina hold her own? Comment and vote below.