Rihanna Clears Ashton Kutcher Rumors During Press Conference / by

The best pop star known to man Rihanna has made it clear that she is happy & single. Which means that she is NOT dating Ashton Kutcher. Rumors began swirling last weeks as photos made their way around the internet of her leaving his home.

The words came from her mouth earlier today while she was at a press conference for her first film "Battleship". A reporter with balls stood up and had to courage to ask Rihanna "if a certain Ashton Kutcher would be making a trip to London for the premiere?" And Rihanna, well...she wasn't too pleased. Watch below.

Rihanna kept it classy and cute. She said "I'm happy and I'm single if that's what you really asking." She used her words wisely, but you and I know that if those cameras weren't there, we would have seen something like this...