Rumor Control: Pooch Hall (Derwin Davis) Leaving "The Game"? / by

A reader sent me an email asking me since I'm a fan of the series and I cover the episodes on my blog, how true was the story about actor Pooch Hall being written off the television show "The Game". So of course, I did some digging. The BET series is 5 season's deep and his character is one of the mail characters.

So why would he want to ditch his leading role? Well, the rumors began as news broke about him accepting a role in an HBO series called "Ray Donovan". Is he the star of this show? Who will he play and is he leaving the television series that jump started his career? Read on to find out.

The new HBO series centers on a professional fixer for the Los Angeles elite. If they've got a problem, he can make it go away. Pooch will play a young fighter named Daryll who trains at gym run by Ray's brother. Pooch says that this new role is more of a "progression" for him and his career. But will he still appear on "The Game"?

According to reports, yes. He will still be apart of the television show. His character just won't be seen as much being that his main focus will be the new role on "Ray Donovan". That's where the majority of his time will be spent. So fans will see less and less of Derwin Davis on "The Game" as the episodes go by.

He also paid a visit to 106th & Park to address the situation at hand. See what he had to say below.


Interesting, I'm happy to see him advancing his career. Now he's hitting it big with an HBO role. It's not a lead role but it's something. I would really hate if he completely leaves "The Game". That television show pretty much made him. I do understand that people out grow things, but he should at least finish the series properly if he does plan on leaving for good. Like they say, all good things must come to an end.