2-Month Old Baby Killed By Family Dog; Legs Ripped Off / by

The Family Dog, Lucky; Suspected Killer

This dog may get put to sleep soon if it's found guilty in the murder of a 2-month old. Aiden McGrew was a love child. He was born on Valentine's Day and was was the youngest of three children. The dog, Lucky, is accused of biting the infant several times and chewing off his tiny legs while he was in his swing set.

The father was in the mobile home, along with their three year old child and the other family dog. They we're all sleeping in a near by room. The mother was coming in from a doctor's appointment with the oldest child and that's when they discovered the baby dead. Check out the full article below.

A supposedly "gentle" pooch named Lucky is suspected of killing a 2-month-old baby and tearing the child's body apart in South Carolina.

Aiden McGrew, who was born on Valentine's Day and was the youngest of three children, was found dead in his family's mobile home Friday in Ridgeville by his mother, according to The Post and Courier newspaper.

The baby was in a swing when Lucky, a golden retriever-Labrador mix, bit the child several times and tore off his legs, authorities said.

The child's father, Quintin, was in the home at the time, police said. He was in another room asleep with the family's 3-year-old and their other dog.

The baby was discovered when his mother, Chantel, came home after taking their seven-year-old to a doctor's appointment, The Post and Courier reported.

"This... is about as bad as it can get for us as police officers," Dorchester County Sheriff L.C. Knight said at a press conference Friday. "I've been doing this a lot of years and haven't seen one like this."

It is unclear why the father did not wake up when the baby was attacked, police said. The mother told 911 at the time that her husband was still asleep when she got home.
Shirley Pargiello, 70, a next-door neighbor to the McGrew family, told The Post and Courier that Lucky was "a very gentle dog."

"It's a beautiful dog," she said. "I went over to say hi one day, and he came right up to me and stopped. I rubbed his head, then he left.”

No charges have been filed in the case, which police said was still "under investigation." SANDRA ROSE
Wow, how sad. I just have a ton of questions about this story. One, why was the baby left in the swing set while the father was in another room sleep. You can't leave a 2 month old alone in another room while you're sleeping. Hell, I don't even think a two month old can sit properly inside of a swing set can they? Even if the baby was asleep, he shouldn't have been left in the swing yet, nor in an entire different room all alone. That's just not right.

Secondly, I'm sure the baby was screaming very loudly. I know that older people fall into coma when they sleep. Maybe the father was tired and didn't hear a thing. But three-old children, they wake up if you drop a damn cotton ball on the floor. Not to mention how great dogs can hear. The other dog I'm sure heard it all. For a baby to have it's legs ripped off, he had to be screaming in pain and agony. I'm sure the father heard it and just thought that the baby was crying to be crying.

He probably simply ignored the cries and just slept. Even if he really didn't hear anything, his ass shouldn't have left the baby alone. That baby should have been sleeping right next to him if he wanted to go take a little nap. The fact that the mother had to come into the home and find her sons dismembered body is just sickening. The father was still sleeping when she walked in. I would've whooped his ass till kingdom come.