Chris Brown Suffers Another Album Pushback / by

I was the first to report that Chris Brown was going to suffer album push backs this time around. His new album "Fortune" was supposed to hit stores in March, then moved it to May, now it won't be released until June 26th. The album is supported by the singles "Strip", "Turn Up The Music", "Sweet Love" & "Till I Die".

He is scheduled to perform at Today's 2012 Concert Toyota Concert Series and will possibly hit the stage at the Billboard Music Awards being that he's picked up four nominations. The BET Awards are also right around the corner so he could possibly get some loving from that too.

I think that he's suffering this time around because of the fact that he isn't doing any interviews to promote anything. The fact that his project has been pushed back around the time he will be doing all of the performances may help sales, but I doubt that it will. This album won't go #1.Watch and see.