Fresh Music: Jamia - "Without Me" + Video / by

The moment has come. Jamia is about to come and slay your favorites. This power house has been in and out the studio preparing for her big debut. People have been wondering what she sounds like, can she actually sing? Will she make it? This? That? Blah blah...Well, I'm here to tell you that she's here and she's ain't going anywhere!

Today saw the premiere of "Without Me". It features her singing over the production of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep". The clip was directed by Brandon Yarbrough. It was his directorial debut and he did a fantastic job. This is a buzz single so that the world can get a sample of what she's vocally capable of. Trust me, she will blow you away. Check it out below.


Wow! Close your mouth because I know it's open. Can you believe that she's only 15 years old? Her voice is just so damn strong. If you listen to this without watching the video you would think this was a grown woman. I mean, she's vocally better than some of these so called singers that are making millions. This is not your typical teenager.

I am being told that there is more to come from this young one and I'm can't wait to see and hear more. Brandon will keep me posted. For this to be his first time directing, he did a pretty good job. I've seen videos that looked an utter mess from people that have directed things before. This one was nothing like those. It was a excellent effort. He said that there will be more to come. Until then, try to keep up with this crew as they will be working hard with and for Jamia's big debut into the music scene.