Fresh Music: T.I. - "Love This Life" / by

The Kaaaang is back! T.I. has been a busy busy man with his hit television show, "The Family Hustle" with wife Tiny and most recently been helping launch the career of new comer Iggy Azalea. So he's back on his grind and has hit his fans with a new single.

He dropped the first single from his upcoming album "Trouble Man"earlier today. The track is called "Love This Life". It has a crossover appeal and is nothing like what he came to the game with. Listen to the track after the break.

I think he could have definitely came a little harder than this. It's just too soft for someone like him. The lyrics, the productions, all of it. It does not scream T.I. It's like he went from being the cool K.I.N.G. T.I.P. of the south to this.........

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