Kempire Interviews LaTocha Scott; Talks New Music, Kandi & More / by

Former Xscape member LaTocha Scott has been out of the lime light for quite sometime now. She was a member of the hit R&B group in the 90's which disbanded over 10 years ago. Fans were wondering why and what happened because nothing was really stated about why they've disbanded. Kandi and Tiny are still quite in the lime light and LaTocha has been out of it.

She's been out of the spotlight for good reasons. According to her, she's been writing for her album, created her own foundation and more. She was interviewed Friday by my friends over at Kempire Radio and much much more was revealed. She talked about the disbanding of the group which was due to disagreements with other members, and she premiered a brand new song called "Bad Timing" which is lifted from her new album, due out in August.Check it all about after the break.

Well, well, well. So Kandi is part of the reason for the break-up. It was her with a jealous rage. She didn't like that LaTocha was getting most of the shine and a lot of the lead parts. It sounded as if they had some hot and heavy beef . She even said that she called Kandi and never got a call back or a response. She's talked to her mother but not her. She said that she wants to put it all behind them and move on with their lives. She wants to rekindle the relationship with them and wouldn't mind getting back together for a reunion. That's crazy. I wonder if Kandi will respond to this? I don't watch RHWOA so, I don't keep up with her.

She's also spilled the tea about the reunion. She said that people would need to talk to Kandi about the entire ordeal. She also said that T.I. won't allow Tiny to tour or perform at all. That made my damn eyes pop out my face because she's spilling all the juice. She also revealed that her sister is on the acting grind. She said that she's been in Tyler Perry films, wrote songs for his soundtracks and more. She said that her sister is more than willing to do a reunion but Tiny and Kandi are the two that needs to make it happen.

I love these in-depth interviews. They are just so revealing and so many pieces of the puzzle are put into place because you're getting the word from the horse's mouth. You get to hear their side of the story from their experiences. Kempire does a good as job with these. He's not rude with any of the questions, he's very respectful and charming. He manages to get ALL of the juicy questions answered. He also has a cool ass laugh. Big things are happening for LaTocha Scott. The single is available on iTunes right now. Listen to it below.

Good stuff. The song is hot. I can't wait to see and hear more from her. She said the video will be shot in three weeks and will be directed by Derek Blanks. Stay tuned my people! In the mean time, what did you think about the song and the interview? Comment and vote below.