Nicki Minaj Talks Leaving The Rap Game & Not Returning To Twitter / by

Last week, the world saw Nicki Minaj abandon her 11 million followers on twitter by deleting her account. The was one big bomb she dropped on her fans and in a new interview with Tim Westwood, she confirms that she will not be making a return to the social network.

She also dropped another bomb by saying that she may not return to the music game. She said that no one s showing her love after taking her music back to it's essence. In other words, people wanted to hear "old Nicki from her mixtapes". Check out the interview clip below.

I know for a fact that she will be back to twitter. She can't fool me. Sooner than later she will be back simply because, she has a new album to promote. Also she loves and interacts with her fans too much to just let something like that go. Being that she joked around saying all of that in her many different accents makes me feel that it was all just fun and games.

I mean, why would she leave the rap game? All of this is coming from the crack of her ass. Either that, or she's simply fed up with all of the negativity that this business comes with. Whatever the case, she's not going anywhere. Trust and believe that.