SWV Performs On Wendy Williams / by

SWV are back and better than ever. The R&B trio is making a strong comeback. It's been well over 15 years since the women came together for an album, but it seems as if nothing has changed. Yesterday, their album "I Missed Us" hit stores everywhere.

A few months ago, they premiered the video for the new single "Co-Sign" and all of them looked amazing. Now yesterday, the ladies took to the stage of the Wendy Williams Show. They all looked great and nailed their performances. Check it out below.

They slayed! Wow those were great performances. They had the crowd moving. Like I said before, these ladies are keeping it classy. They're making music for their fans, and are not trying to make new ones. The women in the audience are probably around the same age group (late 30's, early 40's) and theey we're around to listen to the radio when SWV's hits came on. They we're a big girl group in the 90's. It's good to see that they still have it!