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Just in case you missed this last night, check out VH1's latest Behind the Music special featuring none other than Brandy. Inside the documentary, we take a trip down the nice and long 20 year road that she has been embarking on since the start of her music career.

Of course, everything was addressed. Everything from her fake marriage, to the infamous life taking car accident that she was involved in. We also got a taste of her movie and television days when she played Moesha. Watch below as she lets us in her world.

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She's been through so much. I forgot about the fake marriage. I didn't know she had an eating disorder. I didn't know a lot of this. I was a big Brandy fan growing up. I don't know what the hell happened. I didn't turn my back on her or anything. With her being absent from music for such long periods of time, I simply, kind of just moved on to someone else. You know how that gets. But, I'm giving it a chance this go round. I'm keeping up with her. I want to hear this new album. I'm rooting for her!