Father Puts Kid In A Washing Machine, It Auto-locks & Starts With Kid Inside / by

What started out as a joke almost turned into a deadly nightmare. Survelance footage that is dated 5/11/12 was released to the public today and it graphically shows a father stuffing his toddler inside of a washing machine while the family was at the laundry mat. After the child was inside (which was not by accident as you can see), it auto-locked and began it's spin cycle.

The people in the footage attempted to get the door open to free the child but wasn't successful. They then went to find an employee who was able to free the child. The toddler had minor injuries and is said to be doing well. Watch the video below if you dare.

Who plays that way with a child? First off, who even puts quarters in the machine before its loaded? Clothes should be loaded into the machine, it should be locked and then the quarters go in to start the cycle. You don't put quarters in the machine first. That's strike one.

Strike two is why even play like that? That is deadly. Did they not see the news on how a 1 year old child drowned after he fell into his mother's washing machine during it's cycle? I mean, putting a kid in a machine is pretty much torture. Can you imagine him being tossed around for a whole 45 seconds?

Those machines go and they spin fast. That baby could have easily died, or snapped his neck or anything. The parents should be ashamed of themselves. Hell, they don't need to have kids if this is how they "play" with them. That was really ignorant for them to do. I'm just happy that the baby is okay.