Ciara Teasing Fans On Twitter / by

Songstress Ciara has been playing with her fans heads on Twitter over the past month. I've been watching and keeping an eye out. My good friend Brandan over at Thirsty Blog pointed this out to me and I thought I'd wait to see what else was going on before I posted this.

So on May 4th, she started doing a countdown, everyother day she gave us a new number. What she's counting down to, I have no clue. But it's exciting. Yesterday she posted "5......." and nothing more. She also uploaded the above picture a few days ago.

What is it of? I have no clue. All I know is that she's been counting down since May 4th and she started on number 10. It's almost June 4th and she's only on number 5!! The anticipation is killing me!!! I guess I'll try to be patient and see what she's serving up. I'll keep you posted as well.