D'Angelo Brings Sexy Back / by

It looks like hard work definitely pays off, because a few years ago, D'Angelo looked like he hit rock bottom and wasn't returning to hs old self. But these new GQ snapshots proves me and everyone else wrong. He man has gotten himself together.

He's put the personal issues behind him and he putting forward his music  career. The singer will indeed drop a new album before the year's end. He's also rumored to take part in Jay-Z's Made In America festival in Philly. Check out another shot below.

That's a major turn around, because just two years ago, he looked like this...

Remmeber that? He was reportedly arrested for soliciting oral sex to an undercover police officer for $40. His name has since been cleared and he's not looking back. More power to you D. Here's hoping that you have a successful comeback. You did it with your look, so I know you can do with with the music.