EXCLUSIVE! Jessica Ashley - "Can't Help Loving You" / by

Remember last month I introduced this stunning 19 year old to you? Jessica Ashley is her name and this young talent is preparing her EP which is called "Prelude". It will be available to you on June 12th. This is a next promotional single from her, which was emailed to yours truly.

The track was written and produced by Jessica herself. It's called "Can't Help Loving You". It's a powerful piano ballad which showcases her stellar vocals. It's a true love song, unlike much of what you hear in pop music on the radio today. Listen to the track below.

Her voice is so addicting! This is a strong song and her vocal abilities are perfect for it! She sings from the core and belts out these words like no one's business. Her material also pleases me because she actually sings about something. It's a piece of good quality.

Her music comes from her and a place within her. It's not created in two seconds in someone's studio. This sounds like a heartfelt track that took sometime to put together. Jessica is not your typical singer, because she sounds better than a lot of the singers that are hot right now.

Make sure that you get your hands on her EP "Prelude" when it drops June 12th. I know I will. If you would like to keep up with this young starlet, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & her official website.