Fresh Music: Ester Dean - "Baby Making Love" / by

Ester Dean is the lady behind the hits. She has written a lot of the songs that you buy from itunes and make popular. Rihanna's "What's My Name" & "Yo Da One", Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" & "Right By My Side", "Beyoncé's "Countdown" and a ton more.

The songwriter turned singer is preparing her music debut after signing with Interscope records last year. She's been dropping track and just to give listeners a taste of what she's been cooking up in the studio. The most recent is this 90's flavored track called "Baby Making Love". Listen below.

As soon as it starts off, you can hear that funk! I just love everything Ester touches. Every song that she has worked on (Without me knowing) are favorites of mine and I shall add this to that long list because I love it. I don't know what it is about her, her writing skill, and productions. It's like, I end up liking a song, and later finding out that she either wrote it or helped produce it.

I can't wait for her album to drop. I'm definitely a big fan and anticipating this release. What  did you think of the song?