Justin Bieber Performs "Boyfriend" On The Voice / by

With the release of his album nearing closing in, Justin Bieber has jump started the promotional campaign. First stop, he returned to The Voice as he promised to deliver the first live performance for his single "Boyfriend" from the album "Believe" which  drops June 19th.

The stylish teen took to the stage with his baggy and sagging jeans, an entourage of dancers and lots of lights and fog. The girls in the crowd went wild and Christina Aguilera bobbed her head along. Check out the performance below.

Aaaaah. Definitely not how I anticipated a first performance to be. First of all, someone should have told him to pull up his damn pants. He could hardly walk, let alone dance proper. They made him look like he was afraid to move. Secondly, he needs morel live vocal practice. He didn't sound too hot live. And lastly, I wasn't feeling the shoes. Hopefully the creative director will take a different approach on the next performance. What did you think about it? Comment below.


Usher & Justin Bieber has landed on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard Magazine. Both of their albums are coming out in June so the promo will continue.