Justin Bieber Performs "Boyfriend" On Ellen / by

Fresh from his Billboard Music Awards performance, Justin Bieber stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show in support of his new album "Believe" which hits stores everywhere June 19th. The singer chatted with the talk show host.

There, he revealed his upcoming tour dates, Ellen also threw him a graduation ceremony. Afterwards, he took to the stage to perform "Boyfriend". He definitely stepped it up a bit this time around. This was a lot better than The Voice and his Billboard performance. Check it out out below.

The Talk & Tour Dates

The Graduation

The Performance

He's a nice looking young man. Now that he's all grown up, lets see what the future holds. He has this whole "swag" "I'm cool" type of thing going on now, but it's not really working for him. Urban shouldn't be associated with him because he can't pull it off. It's not natural. Lets just see how far it takes him.

Did you see how wild the girls went when they found out they got tickets? I mean they we're OVERLY excited. You know what, just in case you missed the ecitement...

Shit, I want some of whatever they had. If someone offered to pay my rent for the month I'd act like that! But I guess it's the Bieber effect. The girls love him. If they don't cut it out Selena Gomez will bitch slap the excitement out of them!