Justin Bieber Premieres "Boyfriend" Video / by

After a number of sneak peaks at the video, Justin Bieber has finally premiered the visual for "Boyfriend". It's the first single from his upcoming album "Believe" which drops everywhere June 19th. The clip was directed by Director X and is very different from the previews we've seen.

Inside, you will see the heartthrob driving in fancy cars, hanging with his people, jamming on a sweet black guitar and putting a little pep into his step. He  attempted to buss a few moves in this video. He also had a cute little love interest. Selena Gomez better watch out. Check out the clip below.

There's no doubt about it this Justin Bieber is the modern Justin Timberlake. This video and song is it written all over it. It's definitely not a bad thing, but I'm sure if JT came back into the music game, he'd still be all over the top spots.

The video was quite intersting. I found it funny that the clips and previews that we've been seeing we're actually just that...clips. The entire video was different from the previews. I thought that was pretty clever. What did you think of the video?