Kelly Rowland Shares Her Thoughts About Jamia / by

Jamia is getting a lot of visitors and support from artists. She has a nice team and they all believe in her. First it was Fantasia and now Kelly Rowland is gushing about the rising star. The two of them sat in the studio and Kelly gushed as Jamia blushed.

This wasn't their first time meeting. It's been nearly 10 years since they last saw each other, but watching this looks like they've never lost touch. BlackOut Entertainment is doing it, and they're doing it big! Check out the video after the break.

They look like they could be sisters. Jamia has such a pretty smile, and Kelly Rowland is just stunning! No matter where she goes or does, she looks good. Jamia is getting all of these high praises and is building up anticipation for her big debut. I think I'm becoming desperate to hear more music from her.