Rihanna Performs On American Idol's Finale / by

Rihanna and her dread locks made their way onto the stage of the American Idol finale where Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner of the eleventh season. The Barbadian princess to to the stage to perform her latest single "Where Have You Been".

The stage was bigger so that called for a bigger and badder performance from the starlet. I'm talking drummers, acrobats, fog and a heard of dancers demanding the attention that Rihanna couldn't possibly get on her own. Watch the show stopping performance below.

Rihanna ~ live on American Idol 2012, Winner... by HumanSlinky

You know that she did a damn good job because she was out of breath at the end. She couldn't even finish the song. She was jamming and whipping those locks better than Bob Marley ever could have. Did you notice the camera work during the performance.

On the "provocative" and "sexy" parts of the routine, the cameras zoomed out, they also were zipping from here to there as well as spinning trying to generate effects and take the attention from the sexy parts of the dance. You'll see it on the 3:34 mark and the 3:50 mark. Those we're the best parts, well they were my favorite parts.

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