Rita Ora Performs For MTV / by

New comer Rita Ora has been seeing more promotion than people like Ciara and Cassie could only image. She's been hitting it hard overseas in the U.K. performing for television shows and night clubs in support for her latest single.

Most recently, she stopped by MTV studios on the othersidre of the pond and performed a four song set so that she could introduce more of her and her sound to the lovely people. She performed "Shine Your Light", "Hot Right Now", "How We Do (Party)" & "Roc The Life". Check it all out below.

"Shine Your Light"

"Hot Right Now"

"How We Do (Party)"

"Roc The Life"

I hope that we get an album release date from this little lady pretty soon. She's hot stuff! These performances and the songs are all hot! It sounds as if her music style is more of rock. In a lot of the songs, I can hear that funky guitar take the lead. So it's safe to say that she won't be molded into the typical pop star...not yet at least. The fact that she can actually sing just blows my mind. I love her voice.