Rumor Control: Drake & Tyra Banks On A Date? / by

Hmmmm...These two, Drake & Tyra Banks, were spotted hanging out at Disneyland. The pictures surfaced shortly after the two were snapped grabbing yogurt at her favorite place Yogurtland. Employees snapped the pics and posted them online but they weren't too happy with the rapper.

They said he left a bad first impression and didn't deserve the yogurt that was made for him. One of the employees took to the all mighty Twitter to vent and tell the world about their celebrity encounter. Check it out when you read on..

Thanks to my coworker & I Drake and Tyra got hooked up with Yogurtland tonight..
He didn’t deserve it though..
I told Tyra she was pretty & she said thanks & my co worker told drake he was cute & he didn’t say anything just turned his head. He got all butt because I took a pic too.
He told me to stop. Hahah Oh please do so! He’s not even cute!
He was being a douche. I heard they were dating
I’m disappointed. Bad first impression you know.
Wasn’t not what was expected. (NECOLE BITCHIE)
I hear a lot of times that Drake is a diva. I hear that he acts worse than Mariah Carey at times. Showing up late for photo shoots, bitching about what the director has for him to wear. I can easily believe that she threw shade to the employees. Tyra on the other hand is still looking mighty fine. So do you think that they we're on a date? Are they dating or was this just a friendly outing?