TGT A.K.A. Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank Are Prepping A New Album / by

These three R&B driven souls are at it again. A few years ago, it was announced that Tank, Tyrese and Ginuwine were creating a new R&B group called TGT to revive the boy bands in rhythm & blues music. That union came to a halt after disagreements over contracts and other issues surfaced.

But it looks as if now, they are attempting to move forward with the project. Tyrese confirm all of this new via Twitter saying that they all will be in the studio for the entire week laying down tracks for the upcoming album. Check it all out after the break.

Like I said, Tyrese confirmed all of the news via Twitter, so all systems are go. Ginuewine & Tank are on board with the entire thing and Tyrese is certain that the three of them will ressurect R&B music. Check the tweets below.

More power to them. I hope that they will succeed. Who knows what it will take to make R&B music hot again. He's deeming them as the Jodeci of 2012. I'm so curious to see how this will go. They all have of my support and I can't wait to hear a track or two soon. Do you think these guys could help bring back R&B? Do you even want R&B to come back? Share your thoughts below.