Tia Mowry (Melanie) & Pooch Hall (Derwin) Will NOT Be Returning To The Game / by

According to Hip Hop Hollywood, the main characters of the hit BET series The Game will NOT be returning for the show's 6th season. Tia Mowry who plays Melanie and Pooch Hall who plays Derwin will end their run on the show this year once season 5 is over with.

Rumors began spreading after news broke of Pooch obtaining a role on a new HBO series called Ray Donovan,that he was going to focus on and now Tia has her hands wrapped in her new hit show on the Style network with her sister Tamera Mowry.

Tia confirmed the news via Twitter just a few hours ago, but one has to wonder how will a show continue when the two main characters will no longer be apart of the show. Check out the report below.

According to a well-placed source at Kevin Frazier’s Hip Hollywood entertainment site, both Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall will not be returning to The Game next season. 

Is it even possible for the show to go on without those two? The ups and downs of Derwin’s relationship with Melanie was the central plot that held the show together from the beginning.  

Although an exact reason for their departure hasn’t been given or confirmed yet, Pooch is said to be working on a new Showtime series titled, ‘Ray Donovan’ and Tia has been busy filming her reality show with her sister as well as promoting her new parenting book, ‘Oh Baby: Pregnancy Tales and Advice From One Hot Mama To The Next’. NECOLE BITCHIE
WOWZERS! That came left field. I figured Pooch Hall was calling it quits but I didn't expect Tia to do so as well. I honestly feel that the show won't last without them. I just can't see how they will carry on since the majority of the series revolved around Melanie and Derwin's relationship.  I mean, will we even get a proper finale for the two of them? How will their stories end?

This is just a shocker..I will continue watching the show just to see how this entire thing will play out. No actual reason was given as to why the two of them called it quits. I just know that they both had other things going on. With Tia being a new mom, and new hit eality show and a book. Pooch is stepping up to a  bigger network that I can see why he wants to completely focus on that. Even thought he tweeted me last week assuring me that everything was all good with him and BET.

But we know that things change in such a short amount of time. I hope their characters come back for a proper ending, I don't want to hear Jason, Tasha or Malik telling us what happened to them and where and why. I want to see it...UNLESS this season offers a pretty good explanation as to what happened with them. So far, Melanie wants to go back to John Hopkins and leave Derwin alone in L.A....maybe that's all we're gonna get. Who knows. Whatever the case is, I'm sad to see them go but I wish them all the best.