Trey Songz Premieres "Heart Attack" Video With Kelly Rowland / by

Trey Songz is no stranger for snatching up the R&B divas for his music videos. Remember when Keri Hilson played his love interest for the "Yo Side Of The Bed" video? Well now, Kelly Rowland is starring in his new video "Heart Attack".

This is the first single from his new album "Chapter V" which is due out later this year. The two made a great couple and had great chemistry in the video. Take a look at what once was a good love, but turned sour and ended tragically. Watch it below.

I remember when I first posted the song and I said that it had to grow on me. It did. Now I love the song. Especially the video. They both look great and Trey sounds better than ever. His vocals are nice and polished for this production. I can't wait to hear more from the album. What did you think of the video?