Usher Unveils "Looking For Myself" Album Covers + Track Listing / by

Deluxe Edition Cover
Usher just dropped the standard and deluxe edition covers of his upcoming album "Looking For Myself" which drops every where June 12th. The project is proceeded by the singles "Climax", "Scream", & "Lemme See" which features Rick Ross.

The singer is also scheduled to perform at this year's 2012 Billboard Music Awards and will take part in the 2012 Today Concert Series. Below you can check out the track listing as well as the cover for the standard edition.

1. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”
2. “Scream”
3. “Climax”
4. “I Care for U”
5. “Show Me”
6. “Lemme See” feat. Rick Ross
7. “Twisted” feat. Pharrell
8. “Dive”
9. “What Happened to U”
10. “Looking 4 Myself” feat. Luke Steele
11. “Numb”
12. “Lessons for the Lover”
13. “Sins of My Father”
14. “Euphoria”

Deluxe Edition
15. “I.F.U.”
16. “Say the Words”
17. “2nd Round”
18. “Hot Thing”

Cool covers. I like his air. It's actually how mine is cut right now. Those fake tattoos are cool as well. Have you noticed recently that a lot of album covers now are head shots? Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Leona Lewis, Nicki Minaj and more have head shots as their album covers. Now we can add Usher to the list.

We can also add him to the list of cheap covers. I already expressed my disappointment with the standard and deluxe edition covers being the same photo, with a different color. Now he's doing the same thing. I still feel cheated. But I guess it's less money and work for them. Who's next?