What Kind Of Relationship Does Chris Brown & Karaoke Have? / by

A visibly upset Karaoke (Karrueche Tran) sat in the front seat of Chris Brown's range rover as they left the club. She bit her lip and buckled her seat belt as Chris Brown instructed two other females to get into the back seat with him.

Karate didn't look too pleased about the situation. She had a "wtf" look written all over her face which leaves me to ask what kind of relationship are they in where he can just bring home random females from the club? The look on her face tells me that they were unfamiliar women. Watch the video below.

I know she was embarrassed. She had to be. Her dumb ass shouldn't have gotten in the car. That is just so disrespectful on so many levels. But hey, he's Chris Brown. He could get it from any woman  at any time of the day and it simply looks as if Karaka allows it. That simply makes me think that their relationship isn't real and is only for the industry.

But maybe Karape is falling for Chris Brown for real. Maybe she's starting to like him. Oh well...sucks to be her.