15-Year Old Girl Accidentally Shot To Death By Older Brother / by

A Detroit family is mourning the loss of 15-year old Kadijah James in what family members are calling a "freak accident". The young teen died from a gunshot wound to the chest as a result of playing with a gun with her 17-year old brother.

It's believed the the two we're toying around with the gun when it accidentally went off, striking Kahijah in the chest. The brother was taking and questioned by police but won't be arrested because they feel that this was honestly an accident. Read the article below.

In what family members are calling a “freak accident” 15-year-old Kadijah James died from a gunshot wound to the chest as a result of playing with a gun with her 17-year-old brother in Detroit, TV station WXYZ reports.

Police say that the brother and sister were playing around with a gun when it accidentally went off. Another teen was reportedly in the home where the incident took place. The brother was taken in for questioning by the police. Relatives do not know who owns the gun.

Kadijah James

The girl’s aunt, Charmaine Crowell, says that Kadijah was an excellent student and loved by all of her friends. She was in the tenth grade at the time of her death.
Here is more on this tragic story:
Crowell said that her niece had her 16th birthday coming up on August 3.
“She was very excited.  Her mother was going to get her a car,” said Crowell.
So excited that she called her cousin last night to hang out and make birthday plans, but her cousin said that she would pick her up today instead.
“She should’ve went and got her last night.  Maybe she would have still been here.  I don’t know,” said Crowell.
Police do not have possession of the gun that killed Kadijah and say that it was bought off of the street. The brother has not been arrested as they believe that the shooting was likely an accident.

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How sad. This child has to live with the fact that he's responsible for taking his sister's life. I can't imagine how he feels. I have a younger sister, who actually looks striking similiar to Kadijah, I don't know how I would live with myself. I love my sister to death and I'm sure he did as well. If only we could turn back time....

My prayers are with their family.