Behind The Scenes of Keke Palmer's "You Got Me" Video / by

Just a few weeks ago, I brought you to the attention of miss Keke Palmer, her new sexy image and song called "You Got Me" which was produced by Harmony from BlackOut Entertainment. The track features Kevin McCall, whose vocals were recorded by my good friend Brandon!

Right now, the young singer has granted us access to a behind the scenes look at her video shoot which took place in California just a few weeks ago. Inside, you'll see an all grown up Keke giving you the rundown about the video, Kevin praises her vocals and Harmony makes an appearance. Watch it below.

The video looks like it will be a hot one. It's funny that a lot of people say that she reminds them of Brandy, I even said it when I reviewed the song. I can't wait to see the finished product. It should debut any day now. Harmony is doing a stellar job with producing these songs. I hope that he can get KeKe and Jamia to collaborate on something, now that would be killer. Stay tuned for the video.